Research Assistance


Research Assistance

Are you feeling overwhelmed by data? Or maybe you have a question and you’re not sure where to find the answers. With my strategies and insights I can conduct research efficiently and produce results you can use.

Public Information Search

Compile and summarize information on any topic. Sources can be online or offline, such as information from government agencies, media sources, chambers of commerce, etc.

Literature Review

Conduct comprehensive literature search from academic databases. Prepare evidence-based answers and summarize findings.

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Data Management

Data management including collection of data metrics and analysis. Information is provided in a spreadsheet that is organized so that you can easily make decisions based on the information.

Benefits of Working With Me

Graduate level training.

Throughout my Master's and Educational Specialist's programs I learned valuable research skills. These include the ability to critically evaluate published research articles, conduct independent research, and translate research results into practice.

Organized results.

You will receive your information in a document or spreadsheet that is well laid out, organized, and easy to read. Your information will be ready to use to add value to your business or project.

Focused on details and results

Many researchers focus on they quantity of data they can find. Yet, I keep your goals in mind as a sift through information. This means that you receive quality information that is relevant and important to your mission and goals.

Pricing and Details

Research Assistance Pricing

To keep things simple I have an hourly rate for research assistance. There is no charge for the initial call to discuss your research needs. I am excited to hear about your project and dive into the research for you!

Research assistance rates:

$375 for a package of 10 hours,

then $35 for each additional hour

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