K-12 Curriculum Research Project

The goal of this project was to research various types of educational curriculum used for homeschool. Specific information was needed including subject areas, cost, delivery of instruction, etc.


The information was gathered in a timely manner and organized into a readable format using Excel. The data is easy to differentiate and sort to easily make decisions based on the information.


The methods used for collecting information included a web search, search of relevant articles in academic papers, and contact with curriculum developers.

Erin Maycroft, Educator & Business Owner
Online and offline research
4 Days
Client location

Summary of Results

Through my research I discovered 76 educational curriculum programs that can be used for homeschooling. I included relevant metrics, such as subject area, grade level, level of parent involvement, cost, and learning style.

Click the image to view a sample of the data (page one of four).


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